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Diamond sponsors

Dean's Stationary

Dean's Stationary is one of the leading educational suppliers of education resources, stationary, arts and crafts supplies.


EduBoard is dedicated to equipping South African schools with a comprehensive range of cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. Our mission is to empower both teachers and students to leverage the latest advancements in educational resources available globally. Through our innovative technology, we aim to cultivate a generation of eager learners by providing solutions that bridge the gap between the classroom and the vast wealth of knowledge accessible worldwide.

Platinum sponsors

Puzzle Wars 

Once upon a time, a passionate educator named Joanette Terblanche had a dream—a dream to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in the hearts of children, to empower the next generation of business leaders.

Starting as a successful classroom experiment in the early 2000s, it bridges subjects from Economics to Accounting.

It's a versatile tool for learners from Grade 4 to Grade 10, ensuring an exciting path to business knowledge, regardless of background or location.

Promotional gifts


PNA has a comprehensive product range from Stationery, Art and Craft Materials, Books and Educational Books. 

Thank you PNA for sponsoring two gift vouchers to two of our lucky conference attendees.


PSpandex Stuff was established by an Occupational Therapist working with children with sensory integration difficulties. The need for sensory products in therapy as well as in the home was identified. The company therefore aims to provide therapists and parents with a variety of sensory products made from spandex materials. These products can be used by children with a variety of sensory needs. The products can be used in different ways in order to provide the children with vestibular and/or proprioceptive input.

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