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About Wiggly education

Wiggly Education provide practical tips and training opportunities for educators, therapists and parents. We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of learners and their families, and we strive to provide practical ideas to keep learners motivated and to enrich their learning environment.


We offer a range of workshops and conferences that are SACE and HPCSA accredited, ensuring that educators, therapists and parents receive the best possible training and development opportunities.


At Wiggly Education, we are committed to helping educators and parents make a positive impact on the future of our children.

Christelle Koekemoer qualified in 2004 as an Occupational Therapist and currently works at a school for learners with special educational needs. 

She presented at various conferences for example ADHASA ADHD East Rand Conference and EduGrow conferences. She also co-hosted and coordinated various conferences and educational exhibitions.

Christelle initially started with Wiggly Fidgets that is an online shop for situationally appropriate fidgets and educational assistive devices.  Wiggly Baby started a few years back and focus more on sensory educational toys for little ones such as play gyms, sensory blocks and activity boards.

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