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Conference Exhibitors 2023

Wiggly Baby

Sensory educational toys for babies and toddlers

Wiggly Fidgets

Situationally appropriate fidgets and assistive devices for the home and school environment.

Baruch The blessed one teepee tents

Teepee Tents for little ones.

Ting Educational toys

Educational toys aiming at infant right up to primary school. Toys range from developing fine and gross motor skills, Hand-eye coordination, Cognitive skills, fantasy and pretend play, planning skills, language development and so many more Educational milestones. We have a wide variety of brands such as melissa and doug, tooky toy, top bright,, and many more

School in a Box

School in a Box is a fully offline educational platform, available as a full delivery mechanism – Including pre-configured, secure tablets. Our educational curriculum consists of fun, high quality, and interactive content for children aged 4 to 18 years (Grade R to Grade 12) old.

Edit Micro

Supplier of technology solutions from Pre primary , vocation , Higher Education, that also specializes in Special needs, STEAM, Neuro Developmental, Basic Education.

Die kleuterskool en ouerhuis op dieselfde bladsy

Verskillende dissipline hulpmiddels en artikels en boeke om die hande-vat saamstap-kleuterpad makliker te maak. Ons glo aan gesonde wisselwerking tussen veral die kleuterskool en die ouerhuis.

Music Minds

Music Minds has been developed for South African children and is available in both English and Afrikaans. The program uses the proven channel of music, with various exercises, to develop a child’s mind and create a sound foundation for the development of the child’s physical, mental and social skills.

Stitched at home

Stitched at Home manufacture Fine Motor Skill pouches, weighted products, marble mazes and so much more.....

You can also have a look at their range of educational games. 

Sensory Box

The Sensory Box is a dynamic therapeutic tool designed to engage and stimulate the senses by providing the user with complete control over the sensory inputs within the environment. This allows the user to customize the space in order to compliment their unique sensory profile. It can be easily transported and set up in any space within a school, a practice or a house, transforming rigid areas into modern, flexible multi-sensory environments, without the commitment of converting a space into a fixed room.


The Sensory Box incorporates various sensory elements, including color-changing lights, sounds, textures, and interactive objects, to create a multisensory experience that supports children and adults with sensory processing difficulties, anxiety or other dysregulation that may be linked to transitions, trauma, learning disabilities, brain injury, mental health challenges, developmental delay or autism.

Knowledge Sponge

Sensory play plays an important role in cognitive development and language development besides aiding in motor skills.

The Knowledge Sponge provides unique beneficial educational sensory activities and gifting.

Little Brainly

Little Brainly provides high-quality educational tablets designed to empower learners of all ages. Our tablets are equipped with interactive educational content, advanced features, and robust parental controls to create a safe and engaging learning environment.


Our mission is to support educators, parents, and learners in their quest for knowledge and skill development. With a team of experts in education and technology, we strive to make learning accessible, enjoyable, and effective.


We believe that together, we can foster a brighter future for learners worldwide.


Optimi provides accessible learning solutions to over 200 000 learners every year through our four divisions: Home, Classroom, College, and Workplace.


We offer a range of cost-effective and user-friendly learning courses, products, and services, using our unique GuidED Learning TM model and our proprietary learning technology.


At Optimi, we recognise that education will lead to a better future. For this conference, we will be selling our Readers, Posters and Woelwater boxes.

Kleuterskool en ouerhuis op dieselfde bladsy

Die Vereniging vir Voorskoolse Opvoeding en Sorg (VVOS)

Die hoof-doelwit van die organisasie is om:

a) Die opvoeding en sorg van alle kinders vanaf geboorte tot die ouderdom van 9 jaar te bevorder.

b) Die sekondêre doelwitte van die organisasie is om:

  • Met betrekking tot bestuur: Alle partye betrokke by die ontstaan, ontwikkeling en bestuur van voorskoolse sentrums te ondersteun;

  • Met betrekking tot personeel-ontwikkeling: Om alle persone betrokke by VKO bewus te maak van die belangrikheid om kwaliteit VKO-programme en sorg vir kinders van geboorte tot 9 jaar te vestig;

  • Met betrekking tot leerder-ontwikkeling: Om aktief betrokke te wees by die holistiese ontwikkeling van die jong kind van ouderdom geboorte tot 9 jaar.

Weighted buddies

Weighted Buddies are uniquely handmade, hypoallergenic, and washable weighted soft toys that have therapeutic value and aid children and adults similarly to weighted blankets. However, unlike weighted blankets, Weighted Buddies are portable, and individuals can take them anywhere. The soft texture provides further comfort.


By activating the touch receptors, a Weighted Buddy can help individuals focus on the deep pressure stimulation of the Weighted Buddy instead of other sensory stimuli from their surroundings. This can provide comfort and relaxation, even in overstimulating situations, resulting in a calm and grounded feeling.


Weighted Buddies come in different weights, textures, and sizes, ranging from 500g to 7kg. The weight of the Weighted Buddy equals 10–15% of the person’s weight, but more anxious people or children prefer a heavier one. However, we suggest the weight not be heavier than 7kg.


Play Sense offers small, intimate playgroups to ensure every child receives the individual attention they need to thrive. With a maximum of six children per group, we form genuine connections that support unique development.  They also offer SACE accredited short courses.


Our Play Sense curriculum is built around imaginary play. Imaginary Play plays a crucial role in their overall development. It enhances cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills while fostering creativity and problem-solving abilities. Encouraging and supporting your child's imaginative play can have a lasting positive impact on their growth and development.


Tanya Griesel's Bio:I am a qualified Montessori ECD teacher and have been working with children for over 10 years. I have always had a passion for working with the little ones. I love seeing what they learn and bring to the table each day and how they explore everything around them. Having them learn through PLAY is the best way for them to learn! I love watching how they engage with not only me but with each other through the day and gaining all the various experiences that Play Sense has to offer. I have worked with all ages from 5 years and under and have a great fondness for the little ones especially. Being the stepping stone into their future, helping them build the foundation for the rest of their lives is so special. Acting silly and connecting with the little ones is the best way to spend the day!

SA toy trade

We are privileged to have Monica Herbst from SA Toy Trade Boksburg at the Multi-sensory learning - Let's get practical! Conference on 21 October at the Fountain of Life Church Boksburg .


SA Toy Trade is a family-owned company, based in South Africa, providing educational toys, learning resources and stationery. 


SA Toy Trade delivers nationwide in South Africa and also have nationwide distributors and franchises.

Dance Mouse

Dance Mouse will showcase their services at the Multi-sensory learning - Let's get practical! Conference on 21 October at the Fountain of Life Church Boksburg .


They offer various dance classes even for special needs children.


The primary aim of Dance Mouse  is to encourage children to enjoy dance expression and to increase their passion and love for dancing.


Dance Mouse is a comprehensive, dance related syllabus currently being introduced in most Pre-Primary and Primary Schools in South Africa.


They teach children technique and rhythm while increasing their overall self-confidence.


Dancers are exposed to proprioception skills and various other activities that enhance their sensory, vestibular (balance) and gross motor skills at a steady and controlled pace. It therefor offers a solid foundation for dance, body and spatial awareness. 


It is a great emotional release and cardio workout for both boys and girls offering them an overall sense of well -being.

Sakkevol Grace

Sakkevol Grace manufactures teacher bags, laptop bags, make up bags, car trash bags and so much more.


Bollemakiesies manufactures quality educational products.

All their products are hand-made, made with love and quality materials by a qualified foundation phase teacher which allows her to give your child the best opportunity to learn with fun.

Exam Portal

V-Soft Technologies will showcase their Exam Portal product at the conference.


Exam Portal is a text-to-speech software designed to assist learners who face challenges in reading and writing. 

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